How to answer administration interview questions

Administration interview questions are asked by an interviewer for an administrative job position or for working in an office. An administrative post can include a wide variety of job duties and requires a candidate to be able to multitask checking and maintaining records, filing them, handling phone calls etc. These questions asked during interviews for administrative posts can help one prepare for the interview:

  • The candidate needs to show that he has proper understanding of the basic administrative concepts and their implementation.
  • Administration interview questions must be answered in such a way that the candidate is able to convince the interviewer that he has the qualities and skills to do administrative job duties like keeping a record of all bills, filing them and updating the database etc.
  • The candidate should display his analytical and organisational style, as it is important to be good with numbers for administrative jobs. He must also be able to multitask and have an eye for details.
  • The candidate needs to show his leadership skills and ability to coordinate among different departments and roles and for that he can refer to his past experiences and responsibilities in the administrative line of work.
  • The interviewee should answer questions in such a way that his ability to understand a particular situation or problem is displayed and also that he has the necessary team spirit to work in a group for solving administrative problems.
  • Computers have made administrative jobs much easier as they help one work fast and keep things organised. The candidate needs to mention his technical qualifications, programmes like Windows, Linux etc which are required for data processing, making spreadsheets etc.
  • The candidate can mention his method of filing memos and describing the different types of documents prepared by him, what were the processes applied to check those memos for accuracy etc.

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