How to answer agriculture interview questions

The agriculture sector offers many different types of jobs as there can be many departments under the this umbrella term: besides farming, research, teaching, machinery, there are other sectors like veterinary and livestock which also offer jobs related to the field of agriculture. Here are some guidelines on how to answer agriculture interview questions.

  • Agriculture interview questions must be answered not just to show one’s knowledge and training in agricultural topics, but the candidate must also show how he plans to implement those theories practically for everyone’s benefit.
  • While answering agriculture interview questions, the candidate needs to know and give importance to the different eco-friendly ideas and how they can be used in the agriculture sector.
  • The candidate must have knowledge about the problems faced by the agriculture sector and should suggest measures on how to overcome those challenges.
  • The government plays a very important role for production and giving aid to farmers and hence a candidate must be aware of the various government policies related to this field so that if asked a question regarding this he is able to answer them confidently.
  • The candidate must showcase his ideas to the interviewer related to the improvement of economic practices in the country and also the development of the condition of farmers or other agriculture practitioners.
  • A candidate must also have the basic knowledge of crops, food grains and plants and must answer questions about factors that influence the development of crops, how the season affects them and the different techniques and equipment used for agriculture.
  • Besides knowing about seeds, season and equipment, the candidate must know about different types of fertilizers and which one is used for which crop and also should be proficient about the usage pesticides, quantities in which they should be applied etc.

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