How to answer Behavioral Interview Questions

The Behavioral Interviews are considered one of the most important ways to judge the suitability of the candidate for the applied position. These kinds of interviews are often stress inducing for the candidates and are needed to be answered very carefully. The interviewer will often try to confuse the candidate and will give him several situations to judge his behavior. Here are some points that would help a candidate to prepare for these interviews.

  • The individual should listen to the question very carefully because the common behavioral interview question may sound unclear or vague.
  • While giving examples from the previous work experiences, the individual should make sure that the examples are based on facts and figures not on hypothetical situations.
  • The individual may prepare for some situations from his past experience, what was his role and how the situation was handled.
  • Whatever situations are described by the individual, it should have a positive outcome and learning for the individual.
  • The individual should not try to fabricate the examples for giving a positive impression, as one contracting statement in that fabrication can lead to entirely different image for the individual.
  • Before answering a question, it would be a good suggestion for the individual to take a while and structure the answer he is going to present. The voice of the individual should reflect clarity and confidence both.
  • It is important to describe the challenges faced while handling a situation and what steps were taken to resolve them.
  • One of the most important things is to explain the accomplishment or the result of the situation handled by the individual and the rewards he got for it.
  • The best way to answer the behavioral interview questions is to describe the situation with personal success stories from past experiences.

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