How to answer Call Centre Interview Questions

The Call Centre Interview questions are for the candidate appearing for a voice based process in call centre and BPO’s. In these kinds of interviews, the candidate is judged for his/her educational qualifications and knowledge of various BPO terms and processes. The questions in these types of interviews can also be used to judge the experience and pressure handling capability of an individual.

  • The most commonly asked question that ‘Why you want to come in this field?’ should be answered in a manner that this industry is growing very fast and have wide variety of opportunities in future.
  • The candidate should also show his willingness to work in shifts, as most of the call center or BPO’s would expect the candidates to work in rotational shifts.
  • While describing the qualities, the individual should avoid the use of superlative words like extremely hardworking, best person.
  • The most important part of the BPO is the communication skills and the convincing power of a person while handling a customer. This question should never be answered negatively when the interviewer wants to know that candidate has such skills or not.
  • Most of the call center and BPO do not judge the candidates on what they say or how they say. The interviewer will just evaluate the listening skills and how much comfortable a candidate is while talking to a new person.
  • The interviewer looks for a calm attitude and positive behavior in every situation from the candidate.
  • All that an individual needs to do is to listen carefully to the questions and interact with the interviewer.
  • When the interviewer is explaining a situation or asking a question, the candidate should not interrupt in between if he doesn’t understand or missed anything. This can lead to a negative impression for the candidate.

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