How to answer Citizenship Interview Questions

In order to possess the citizenship of a country, the applicant has to acquire the ability to speak, write and read the basic national language of that particular nation. Along with it the individual is also expected to have knowledge regarding the country’s government formation and history behind the nation. Prior providing citizenship of a nation, an applicant has to undergo an interview session where the interviewer asks certain questions in order to determine whether the particular person is eligible for it or not.

Essentially, an individual applying for the citizenship of another nation should prepare well before participating in such an interview session. Therefore, the applicant should prepare oneself in the following ways so as to answer citizenship interview questions effectively.

  • One should keep in mind that before knowing about a nation what it is today, one must always emphasize on its roots i.e history. Question related to the Independence Day, republic day, first prime minister etc has to be well learned prior attaining a citizenship interview. However, answers related to history question have to be comprehensive and specific so that the interviewer could rightly judge the awareness of the applicant.
  • Questions related to government formation, constitution, outline of the national flag etc do seek for relevant and confirmative answers. Therefore, one must search for questions that are generally being asked and accumulate the answers of the following effectively.
  • The applicant should have basic and relevant knowledge on the national language of the country of which he is seeking a citizenship. He must have the ability to write, read and speak the national language of the concern nation.
  • The applicant must ensure to answer all questions truly pertaining to one’s knowledge. This is because an irrelevant or assumed answer might deter the chances of acquiring a citizenship.

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