How to answer Common Interview Questions

Common interview questions are those questions which are asked at almost every interview no matter what the field is. An interview consists of questions which analyses the candidate’s abilities and judges whether he has the rights skills for the job. But besides these specific questions, there are some questions which are common to all interviews and are of a general nature. These questions are equally important and help an interviewer to know more about the candidate. While answering common interview questions, these points can be kept in mind:

  • No readymade answers: One of the biggest mistakes one can make is memorizing readymade answers to certain questions. Although you should have an idea of what you will say, don’t create a script because it won’t seem genuine and if you forget the words, you will fumble which won’t create a good impression
  • Create own answers: Since common questions are something that you can prepare for beforehand, make a basic list of things which you can say without saying by rote. It will help you organise your thoughts and highlight your strengths
  • Be clear and convincing: Honesty is the best policy while answering interview questions too. Although you may want to modify certain information, don’t unnecessarily exaggerate your achievements or make up things. Be concise, clear and convincing to make a solid impression
  • Research position: If you do your homework about the company and the post you are applying for, half your work will be done because you will be able to answer their questions more confidently and also speak about how you plan to contribute
  • Be professionally personal: There are some personal questions which are asked to know about the candidate’s skills and his attitude towards work and life. Answer them in such a way that you merge the personal with the professional and keep it short and focused.

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