How to answer Computer Interview Questions

Computer interview questions are those questions which are asked to a candidate applying for a post which directly deals with computers. It can be an IT-related position where he will have to handle the computer systems of a company, or a company which handles software and hardware and also for research and development. Since computers are a technical and specialised field, the interviewer mainly focuses on asking technical questions and the candidate must answer in such a way that shows his knowledge of computers.

  • Share about hands-on experience: If you have worked in this field before, you should try to say how you implemented a network structure and helped the company. If this is your first interview, talk about an project from college or during your internship so that you can show your knowledge of the subject
  • Share your skills: Every interview has some general questions and some specialised questions. General questions help to know more about the candidate’s character and as troubleshooting consists of a very important part of computer jobs, the candidate must convince that that he can be cool under pressure and solve problems
  • Don’t use technical jargon: Since this is a technical post, there will be a lot of questions on the meaning, uses and implementation of certain technical concepts like ‘firewall’, ‘computer network’ etc. Answer them in a simple yet descriptive way as many interviewers are managers and not IT specialists
  • Research position: Computers is a large field and there can be many jobs positions under this term. Find out about the post for which you are applying and answer questions in such a way that highlights the skills necessary for that job
  • Mention software/program you know: Interviewers may want to know what type of software, program, language you know and have worked with, so explain it and also share some work experience related to this

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