How to answer Construction Interview Questions

Construction interview questions are asked during an interview for a construction related job. Construction is a vast field and there can be different job positions connected to this, ranging from engineers to builders, managers to laborers. Depending on the post and its requirements, one can answer questions. The candidate must answer in such a way that shows his awareness of various principles of construction, knowledge of safety precautions, management qualities and he can also share his previous construction experiences.

  • Sharing previous work experience: Construction is a practical, hands-on type of job and so only booking knowledge is not enough. The candidate should share his experience working in previous projects and how he made them successful
  • Knowledge of safety rules: Safety is a very important aspect in construction and not following the rules can lead to disaster. The interviewer will ask about the candidate’s knowledge of various rules and regulations and the candidate should show his awareness of those safety precautions and how to implement them
  • Highlight management and organisational skills: This is especially required if one is applying for a managerial post. The candidate must try to convince the interviewer of his ability to handle different aspects of a project and organise and assign work responsibilities to others.
  • Importance of teamwork: While answering construction interview questions keep in mind that here one has to work with different people together in order to make a project successful. So mention about your ability and experience of working in a team
  • Be good with numbers: Being on a tight budget is an important part of a construction work. Every project is allotted a budget and the manager or supervisor must try to construct the project within that amount. Show your accounting skills and that you understand the importance of keeping everything within the budget

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