How to answer Consultant Interview Questions

Consultant interview questions are asked during an interview for the post of a consultant of a particular field. Consultancy is an area where experts suggest ways of improving the productivity and output of a certain line of work. The interview questions of a consultant will depend on the field he is interviewing for. Since consultants are like experts giving advice to other companies, the candidate must be knowledgeable about his area and confident while answering questions.

  • In-depth understanding of field: A consultant is supposed to recommend different options to the client to make his work easier and so he must know about the work in details. At the interview, the candidate must show his familiarity and experience with the subject by sharing his experiences and by talking confidently about it
  • Do not use technical jargon: There is a tendency to use too many technical words while answering interview questions when one is an expert in a field. But only using jargon will have a negative impact, instead the consultant must explain things in a clear and lucid manner to explain the concepts to the interviewer
  • Share work experience: Consultants are known for their work and hence if you have directly worked in a project then try to talk about your contribution, implementation plans and how you went about it so that the interviewer gets to know about your accomplishments
  • Be calm and confident during mock tasks: During interviews, the consultant may be given a mock situation and task and asked how he would handle it. It is important to have presence of mind, be calm and then confidently suggest how you would solve the problem
  • Do a background study on the company: Before the interview, research about the post so that you know what the interviewer expects from you and can then answer questions accordingly

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