How to answer Customer Interview Questions

Customer interview questions are asked during an interview for work related to customer service. Most companies have a section where employees are hired solely to solve problems of customers, handle their queries, give suggestions, make them aware of new schemes, register complaints and so on. A person appearing for an interview in the field of customer care may answer the questions in the following ways:

  • Be polite: This is one of the most important qualities expected of people working as customer care executives. Answer the questions with confidence but politely as if you get the job you will have to talk to customers in a courteous and respectful manner
  • Presence of mind: Often customers ask out of the box questions or have problems which require a prompt solution. Be alert while talking to your interviewer and display presence of mind so that you make a good impression
  • Knowledge of field: Although most customer care officers get training in their respective companies about the goods and services, it is important to know the basics of the field so that the employer feels you already have a good grasp of the field and gives you an edge over other candidates. Also describe if you have any prior experience
  • Be calm under pressure: Don’t be fidgety but remain calm as customer service employees have to face agitated customers sometimes and at that point they cannot lose their cool. Answer questions firmly but remain relaxed and composed
  • Be well-groomed: There are some customer care jobs where the employee has to answer questions on phone, but there are some where he has to directly interact with the customers. It is always important to be well-groomed during interviews, especially when going for a job like this, because it reflects neatness and creates a positive impact on the interviewer

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