How to answer Data Warehousing Interview Questions

A Data warehouse or DW is a kind of a database which is specifically used for the purpose of report making and analysis. It is an important type of a database which helps to maintain data history and integrate the given data from a number of different sources. Data warehousing solutions are not a piece of cake for every individual or company and hence there are employees hired specially for data warehousing and related solutions. The aspiring data warehousing experts have to go through an interview process before being employed for the job.

It may not always be necessary for even a good data warehousing expert to crack the interview. Hence we have a list of points which may be helpful to answer data warehousing interview questions. Please refer to the following points:

  • Firstly, it is important to be rightly dressed for the interview as it gives a sense of confidence to the candidate. Plus being on or before time is quite an important thing to keep in mind as late comers may lose their chance easily.
  • It is important to greet the interviewers on entering the interview cubicle. Maintain a subtle smile on your face while entering the cubicle and during the exchange of greetings.
  • One should answer the data warehousing interview questions in a confident manner and without getting nervous or fearful of the response of the interviewers. But remember not to be overconfident as it can diminish your chances.
  • The answers must be crisp and precise. Do not give vague answers or stray away from the topic as it gives a negative impression.
  • Data warehousing interview may consist of various questions asked to know your knowledge. So make sure to be full versed with even the little functions used in data warehousing.

Thus keeping these points in mind, one can prepare himself for a good data warehousing interview.

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