How to answer Fashion Interview Questions

Interview questions are generally tricky issues and inquiries that are to be tackled very tactfully, to ensure that one can present his/ her personality fully and yet pertain to the standards and demands set by the interviewing board or authority. Fashion interview questions are a special format of questions, which interview candidates for answers that target towards special details of fashion study and its applications. An applicant in the fashion area has to know how to answer fashion interview questions wisely and successfully. The answers should clearly bring out the individual’s creativity as well as pertain to the basic structure and format of fashion studies.

Fashion interview questions may revolve around various issues related to the area of practice and its prospects in the business or job front. It is considered that one should have a thorough knowledge of fashion and its respective areas of importance, so as to be able to answer the corresponding interview questions successfully. There are a number of features that should be kept in mind while answering fashion interview questions, some of which include:

  • Dealing with strengths and weaknesses: Asking about one’s personal strengths and weaknesses is a common parameter of most interview questions. Since the study and practice of fashion is more of a personal activity and demands individual creativity, the way to present appropriate answers that comply to the fashion standards should be developed by the candidate himself/ herself, to meet the best needs of the firm or fashion agency.
  • Practical sense: Simply learning the concepts and presenting them before the examiners is no way of scoring high marks. While facing an interview board, the candidate should provide such answers that portray a fundamental working idea and clear understanding of the corresponding concepts.

  • Troubleshooting ability: The candidate should be smart enough to handle the fashion interview questions and not fumble at any point of presentation of answers.

  • Self-description: The answers to fashion interview questions that ask one to describe oneself should be such that the candidate explains why he/ she would be the best and most suitable person for the respective job position.

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