How to answer Health Interview Questions

Interview questions are generally focused on domain specific questions to gauge the candidate professional knowledge about that field. These questions are sometime tricky that may confuse you at least for a moment. Health interview questions are generally arranged in manner where questions related to this field are summed with other additional questions to test the candidate overall skill and efficiency. An applicant appearing for a job in an industry related to health services must have a first hand knowledge of these formal questions. It is always advised that for an interview an applicant must prepare himself to face some of the common questions and some questions related his educational background. In order to prepare for a health interview, some of the health interview questions are presented herewith:

  • Most of the interview starts with a common question like “tell me about yourself “to understand candidate approach and summarization of his own skills through his own words. Some time this question is summed up with other tertiary questions that explore the candidate strength and weaknesses. The candidate must answer these questions with utmost honesty and should present highlights of his academic and professional credentials.
  • The next set of question may steer directly toward your concerned domain to understand your professional knowledge. This question is normally asked to understand the candidate problem solving skills, skills learnt through exposure in this field and his capability to handle this work under pressure. One should have a clear and intuitive idea about his concerned field with supporting domain knowledge. Try to answer the question with specific domain knowledge.
  • There are many questions that are related to cases or previous experiences. So be prepared for questions that may be related to your past achievement or trainings. These questions should be answered in a way to showcase your decision making ability and how you have handled that situation. Sometime these questions are teamed up some imaginary situation. So try to answer these questions logically and step by step as what you would do to handle these situations.

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