How to Answer Interview Questions about Computer Skills

Whether you are attending the interview for the role as an administrative assistant or health care professional, you should impress the recruiter with your knowledge to explain your computer skills. So you should have an idea of how to answer interview questions about computer skills.

Technology plays a very important role in the workplace, and it is necessary that you are having an idea of computers and having the knowledge of using them. Always answer confidently with enough details.

Here are the steps which give you an idea of how to answer the computer skill questions:

Clearly listen to the questions

Clearly listen to the questions of the recruiter about your computer skills carefully. If you do not understand any question, ask for the clarification. If the recruiter asks any situational question, ask him/her to repeat the question. Situational questions are commonly asked to determine the procedures used by the candidate for finishing the tasks like using the computer applications or describing the projects for which he/she would have responsibility.

Describe your computer skills in a very simple way

You might be having an excellent knowledge about the internet use, applications, operating systems, internet use, and the servers, but you have to explain your expertise in very simple terms as you are explaining the person who is having little knowledge. Use tech savvy terms so that the recruiter will get an idea of you are familiar with the computer technology.

Clear explanation

If the recruiter asked you about any difficult computer process, provide step by step instructions. If any scenario explanation is asked, you should begin with the basic fundamentals of the equipment or the basic version of the software application. Explain about your computer skills and experience related to your applied job function.


Explain about your computer experience in helping others in the determination of the challenges associated with the computer usage. If you have good computer skills and experience, explain how your computer skills will benefit to the firm in terms of giving guidance to the other users of the computer.

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