How to answer interview questions

Every candidate must clear an interview to get a job and there are some ways by which one can answer interview questions that will help him assure the employer that he is the right person for the post. Before we get to some questions, let us see how one can compose himself before and while answering interview questions.

  • Be calm: The interviewer may try to confuse you or be aggressive to see how you deal with pressure situations, so you need to keep your cool while answering the questions.
  • Be confident: A candidate needs to show that he is sure about what he is saying; your confidence and strong personality will create a good impression on the interviewer.
  • Be concise: Some questions may require you to give long answers but even then stay to the point so that the interviewer can focus on what you are saying and don’t digress.

Now we shall see some common questions asked during interviews and how to answer these interview questions:

  • Please tell us something about yourself: The interviewer is giving you a chance to tell him about your skills and qualities and this is an opportunity to sell yourself by describing your qualities, achievements and experience.
  • Why should we hire you?: This is another chance to highlight your job skills and give the interviewer an idea of why you are the right candidate for the job; make the most of it by convincing them about what you can do and how you will be useful for the organisation.
  • Why do you want this particular job?: The interviewer wants to know if you are aware of the role and the responsibilities expected from you from this job and so through your answers you must show you have done your homework about the company and the post.

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