How To Answer Job Interview Questions

Answers at a job interview should be forthcoming quickly with the least possible delay. A moment of thought is necessary. But there should not be long delays. Answers should be precise, short and meaningful. The answer given should be entirely relevant to the question asked. So, if somebody asks your marks at any examination, saying that you were sick or did not prepare well is the worst possible answer. Listen properly and carefully. Answer appropriately. Do not ask for repetition of a question unless absolutely necessary. Do not fidget about in your seat when you come up against an inconvenient question.

If a panel interviews you, you are expected to turn to the person who posed the question, when answering.

Your answers should be consistent. You should not contradict yourself. Be honest. Do not try to bluff your way. When up against a bloomer, state that you do not know the answer. But, think a moment before giving such an answer. Do not let your sight roam all over the room, walls and ceiling. Do not attempt to be too smart at any point. Be humble and straight-forward. Make your point. Do not elaborate unless asked to do so. When asked about your strong points, answer truly. When asked about your weakness, do not pour out your heart. Think of an imagined weakness that is not very damaging.

Do not forget to thank the panel for giving you their valuable time.

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