How to answer law interview questions

A law interview is an interview process which is conducted when a candidate who has applied for the position of a law executive in a law company is asked questions so as to judge the capability of that candidate. Law interviews consist of multiple verbally asked questions which are asked so as to know whether or not the candidate is suitable for the particular job position. Law interview questions are generally related to the job position and can be of medium to high level of difficulty.

To get through a law interview successfully, one needs to know how to answer the law interview questions. The following points shall be useful for a person to give a good law interview:

  • The first thing that shall be kept in mind is that one should maintain a confident composure throughout the interview process. Infact if the candidate doesnt know the response to any question, even then he/she shouldn’t get nervous or lose his/her cool.
  • If a person does not know the answer to any question, then he/she should be honest about it and let the interviewer know about it rather than playing around the bush and trying to give vague answers. A wrong or under confident answer is worse than not knowing the answer at all.
  • Some law interview questions can be difficult to answer and are tricky and twisted in nature. In such a case, the interviewer should think about all the information about the subject he/she has and then answer the question. One can ask for time to answer a question and not hesitate in the case where he/she needs to recollect his/her knowledge and information.
  • One should make it a point to tell the interviewers why he/she can prove to be an asset for the company. Answer delivery matters more than the content of the answer itself.

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