How to answer marketing interview questions

A marketing interview is a type of an interview which is conducted with the aim of hiring employees for the purpose of marketing or for the marketing department. These interviews are conducted by HR professionals and consist of questions related to marketing or those questions which are asked to know about the skills or qualifications of the candidate. If a person wishes to give a perfect marketing interview, then he/she must keep certain points or suggestions in mind. The following are a few of those points or suggestions:

  • The first and foremost thing that a candidate giving a marketing interview should keep in mind is that they are being tested on their communication skills more than anything else because marketing is all about being able to communicate and convince. Thus he/she should exhibit confidence as well as poise during the entire interview.
  • A good posture which is tall and erect always puts a good impact on the interviewer. A slumped back or a bent neck can be signs of nervousness or low self esteem and can be counted as a negative point.
  • More than the answer, the way the question is answered is important. Delivery of any answer can be a deciding factor about the confidence level of a candidate. Thus one must focus on the way he/she gives a response.
  • In the case where a candidate is unsure of the answer to any question, the candidate must try to give an honest reply and not try to make up answers which are vague.
  • The candidate must be self confident and must also display this quality in the answers he gives to the interviewers. If the interviewer smells even a degree of low self confidence, then it might be entered into the black list points and prove to be negative for the candidate.

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