How to answer mock interview questions

A mock interview is an interview which is conducted so that a person can practice for an actual interview by answering questions which are expected from an interview. Mock interview helps a person to prepare himself/herself for an upcoming interview. These interviews are quite helpful and let a person speak out answers and hence work on the confidence level as well. There is a manner and way in which mock interview questions should be answered. The following points shall help a person answer mock interview questions:

  • A mock interview is meant to prepare a person for an actual interview for a particular job position thus the answers to a mock interview must be given seriously and not in an easy going manner.
  • Mock interview questions can also be tricky and difficult to answer hence a person must think and answer and not give any answers which are vague or not related to the topic.
  • Any answer which is given to cover up nervousness comes out shaky and unrealistic and thus one must be straightforward and honest in the response.
  • One must practice confidence and self esteem even during a mock interview so as to prepare himself/herself for the actual interviewing session. This will make him/her realise his/her faults or negative points and help him/her to work on them to bring out the best during the real interview.
  • Any shortcomings can be worked on during the mock interview itself and this can help shape up the real interview as all the possible faults or errors can be reduced or cut down during the mock interview session.
  • Mock interview questions can be as good and as difficult as the questions asked in the real interviews thus one must also keep in mind that the postures, delivery of answers etc hold a lot of weight for the interviewer.



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