How to Answer Pageant Interview Questions?

Preparing all possible answers for a beauty pageant interview turns out to be more arduous for many contestants than their selection of gown, makeup etc. Questions-answers round play a huge role on beauty pageant contests, as this is a point where judges zone on those contestants coming with “beauty with brains”. While answering interview questions, participants should ensure to respond without anxiety and with confidence so that their intentions are clear to the judges. Moreover some of the important point, one must keep in mind while answering any pageant interview questions are as enlisted.

  • One should never expect a pageant question that would only seek for “yes” or “no” types of answers. Instead the contestant should relax and feel confident in replying questions with a sincere yet not being much defensive.
  • Answers with an opening line like “I feel that…” or “According, to my opinion…” reflects the contestant’s outlook or viewpoint related to any particular situation based questions.
  • It is always advisable not to reply impromptu answers. This is because a hasty answer might not always be wise and accurate and can deter the possibility for the contestant to win beauty pageant.
  • Contestant should have sound knowledge on current affairs, sensitive topics and politics. Even should be well-familiarized with the controversial issues like internet bullying, immigration or gang violence. However, while answering any such questions one should be informative and expand the answers with one’s own opinion.
  • The contestant should always be honest, non-political and polite and should always ensure to hold a smile even if a tough question is being asked.
  • The contestant should not look confusing with their answers as this could be a discredit on their part. Moreover, regardless of the questions every answer should clearly speak the contestant’s mind and plans ahead.

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