How To Answer Recruitment Interview Questions?

The objective of a recruitment interviews is to test a candidate’s competence, sincerity and efficiency and thereby, select the right man for the job among the sea of applicants. Hence, answering recruitment interview questions can be a bit tricky if one is not accustomed to the ways of such interviews.

Since facing recruitment interviews are an integral part of the job seeking process, its consequences leaving a deep impact n one’s career, here are a few tips that one may find useful to prepare oneself for a recruitment interview:

  • Confidence: this is perhaps the one thing that can make a huge difference in any recruitment interview. The candidate must give the recruiters an impress that he is confident about his answers and knows what he is saying.
  • Diplomacy: in most recruitment interviews one is often cornered with a volley of questions asked solely to push the candidate out of his comfort zone. Diplomacy and political correctness are the two cards that must be played in order to rescue oneself from such sticky situations.
  • Sincerity: one must always remember that even in an interview board it is natural and expected that one may not know everything. Hence, it is always advisable to admit one’s ignorance in certain topics instead of giving superficial, vague or stupid answers.
  • Presence of mind: this is something that is tested in almost every recruitment interview. When knowledge and logic fails one must resort to common sense and presence of mind to create impression.
  • Humility: the tone of the answers must never reek of arrogance and pride. While arguing and sticking to one’s point is appreciated, it must not convey the impression of dismissing the opposition’s point of view. It is important to make one’s point but it must be done so politely and by paying due respect to the authority.


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