How to Answer Sales Interview Questions

In every industry there are sales jobs. Irrespective of the industry that a person is associated with the role of a sales person is very dynamic. The candidate being interviewed for a sales position should be aware of the sales process involved in the previous job. Thus the candidate appearing for a sales interview should be prepared to answer all questions related to previous employment and show good communication skills as well. As any sales role is very demanding the candidate appearing for a sales interview should display dynamism and the urge to excel in the task.

Some of the typical questions that are asked in the sales interview and the trick to answer these questions are given below:

  • The candidate is invariably questioned first about the personal background which may include personal life as well as educational background. Though this is a common question the candidate should answer this question to display smartness along with displaying descriptive communication.
  • The second question that may be posed is about the previous sales job experience. This question should be answered by giving details of experience and sales handling capabilities that one possess.
  • The third question that may be asked is with regard to a difficult sales situation or a difficult customer and how the same was tackled. This question should be answered by keeping in mind ones core competencies which will make the candidate successful in a sales job.
  • Then fourthly the candidate may be assessed in terms of personality traits. The candidate should give an idea about ones strengths and weaknesses such as motivation, negotiation, resilience etc essential for a sales job.
  • Lastly the candidate is assessed in terms of handling obstacles during the sales process. In this question the candidate should explain about his or her capabilities to work well under pressure situations.

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