How to Answer Second Interview Questions

Interview is a task that every candidate should be well prepared to achieve success. The candidate appearing for the interview should research the market, company and read the job description completely to fare well at the interview. The candidate has to go through three rounds of interview before being finally selected for a said position. The first round of interview is general whereas the second round of interview dwells deeper into the personality of the candidate. Amongst the rounds of interview, the second interview is of vital importance both for the company and the candidate.

Even the questions asked in a second interview are unique and at times difficult to answer without proper preparation. Some of the tips to answer second interview questions are enumerated below:-

  • Questions related to personality and likes/dislikes should be handled very carefully as the employer decides on your personality type and suitability to a particular job based on the answer to this question.
  • Questions that pose a problem and ask the candidate to arrive at a solution is the next difficult question in the second interview. This questions analyses the problem solving ability along with decision making ability of the candidate. Thus the candidate should be prepared for difficult situations that can be answered with good confidence.
  • Next section is the questions related to time management skills and leadership qualities of the candidate. In this question the candidate should give a gist of the core skills that one has by giving some on the job examples.
  • Lastly the candidate is interviewed about hobbies and other activities in order to assess the physical fitness as well as general knowledge of the candidate. The candidate should details about the extra-curricular activities engaged in previously.

Therefore it is essential that the candidate attending a second interview should be well prepared to attain success.

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