How to Answer Situational Interview Questions

The situational interview questions test the ability of candidate to handle a particular job. It is only through situational interview questions that a candidate can assure the employer of problem solving ability, conflict resolution ability etc.  Though it seems difficult to answer these questions, it is not that difficult when the candidate has done sufficient preparation to anticipate the situational questions related to ones field.

Given here are some of the sample situational interview questions that are commonly posed by employers in an interview and the best way to answer them:-

  • When the interviewer asks questions such as “Tell us something about the best job according to you”, the candidate should answer them by giving their past experience and not being negative about any particular role.
  • The second situational question can be “What do you think about working with a difficult boss and how will you handle him”. In this question the candidate should focus on his or her capabilities to handle work well even under pressure conditions.
  • A third situational question can be “Can you recollect about a time when your work was criticized by someone and how you reacted to it”. This question should rather be answered by the candidate to display his or her positive attitude and ability to handle criticism effectively.
  • Another situational interview question that can be asked is “How will you handle an angry and abusive customer in a peak business time”. The candidate should answer this question carefully as the answer should reflect the communication skills as well as customer service orientation of the candidate.
  • Lastly a difficult situational question that can be asked is “What will you do if you are not selected for this position advertised by our company”. This question should be answered by the candidate to show the interviewer how capable he or she is to handle failure in life.

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