How To Prepare For Job Interview

Preparation for a job interview is both physical, as well as mental. Physically, see that you dress yourself well in formals. If the interview is for a marketing position, wearing a tie is necessary. See that you are well manicured. Your nails and hair are a priority. A pocket comb helps a last minute hair-do. Do not be seen sweating. If you have consumed something just before the interview, rinse your mouth well. Dirty teeth and bad odor can never support any level of intelligence or efficiency. Practice your walk and body movements in front of a mirror.

Mentally, have confidence. Back your confidence with some awareness of the organization that interviews you. Searching the web, particularly press items will help. If you can contact a present or past employee of the organization, you will be enlightened. See that you are conversant with your resume and do not have to refer to it in the middle of the interview. Prepare your answers for the regular expected questions. Try to identify questions which are specific to this Company, the city or the role for which you are interviewed. Be ready with plausible examples when you say you have certain strengths. The same goes for your weakness. Never mention a weakness that would encourage interviewers to drop you. Always show a way out from your weakness. You should be ready for trap questions. Through a web search, find out what kind of trap questions are doing the rounds.

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