HR Advisor Interview Questions

The HR advisor interview questions are for those people who are going to appear in an interview for this job post. The HR advisor provide all type of HR services to a company, which includes recruitment of employees, their reward and recognitions, employee relations, legal matters related to employees and assist the HR manager in above issues. It’s his responsibility to overview that all employee matters are being handled as per the law and company requirements. The interview questions also focus to judge the skills of a candidate as HR advisor.

Sample HR Advisor Interview Questions

  1. First, tell us something about your qualifications and experience in HR field?
  2. What is your knowledge regarding corporate employee benefits and compensation laws?
  3. What is your strategy to resolve the personal confrontations of employees especially when it is affecting company’s performance?
  4. Can you describe a good recruitment campaign policy for a company that can attract the best talent?
  5. How can we make an efficient grievance address mechanism that can fetch us effective results and employee satisfaction as well? Are you aware of any such laws regarding employee rights?
  6. What kind of problems in above context usually comes to a HR advisor?
  7. How you will represent the company policy in a positive way towards employee union and other organizations etc?
  8. How you can continue to maintain a positive environment for better performance among the employees?
  9. What are the different training modules for the different departments? Moreover, what key points do we need to keep in mind while designing their rewards and recognition procedure?

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