HR Director Interview Questions

HR director interview questions are for those who are sitting in an interview of HR director job. HR director is the key person who is responsible to implement and manage all HR related policies, programmes that include recruiting, training, development, performance and all other employee matters. He is also responsible for employee counseling and their benefits and salary related issues. The interview questions focus to judge the ability of candidate for this post.

Sample HR Director Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us about your previous experience in HR field and your specialization in employee matters?
  2. Can you define all major and minor responsibilities of a HR director? What has been your past job profile in this regard?
  3. What is your knowledge about employee recruitment laws and regulations? Being a HR director what recruitment strategy or plans would you like to suggest to your company?
  4. What are the methods or possible ways to review the performance of employees? Moreover, how you will engage your whole HR department in that process?
  5. Explain the risk management strategy for your company? Have you prepared any such plans in your past jobs?
  6. What is employee welfare? How has been your experience in such matters?
  7. Can you tell us some of your past achievements as a HR director, when your HR development strategies increased the performance of company?
  8. As the chief of HR department, what would be your expectations from your subordinates? Do you have any strategy for that also?
  9. How you will manage a conflict between company administration and employee union?

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