HR Generalist Interview Questions

HR generalist interview questions are those questions that are asked to a person who is appearing in an interview for this job. HR generalist manages the human resource development policies and programme that includes day-to-day operations of HR department, HR information system, organizational development, employee benefit, compensation and employee relation matters. Therefore, the interview questions cover a large area of HR field to judge the ability of prospective candidate.

Sample HR Generalist Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us about your work experience as HR generalist? What was your work profile in your last organization?
  2. What is professional tax and how the other taxes are deducted from employee salary?
  3. What do you know about employee provident fund related laws and regulations? What is the official procedure to implement them in a company?
  4. Explain the salary format of different level of employees?
  5. What are the key aspects of company-employee communication and what is company wide committee?  Do you have experience to handle those matters?
  6. According to you, how can a company keep its employees associated with itself, so they do not look towards other companies?
  7. If you have a busy day than how you will prioritize your daily tasks? What work would be your first priority?
  8. What is your experience in employee safety, counseling and welfare matters? What are the state laws in this regards?
  9. HR generalist position is a key position in advising, assisting and reporting to HR head, in such a case what are your strengths and work attitude?

10.  How much salary do you expect?

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