HR Manager Interview Questions

HR manager interview questions are for those people who are sitting in an interview of this post. The HR manager leads the HR department, he has to monitor the whole process of job posting, hiring, interviewing/screening and negotiating the salary and benefits at the initial stage. He is responsible to keep good relations with recruitment agencies and educational institutes from where he can get the best possible resources for his company. Employee feedback, performance and all other related issues are HR manager’s duty to look after. Therefore, the interview questions focus to choose an appropriate person for such important position.

Sample HR Manager Interview Questions

  1. First, tell us about your experience in HR sector? What positions you have held during your past jobs?
  2. Can you please define major tasks of a HR manager? What is the difference between human resource and human development?
  3. How you will differentiate between smart work and hard work?
  4. How many types of tax deductions take place and what is their total amount for an entry-level employee?
  5. What are SHRM and HRM? Describe the difference and their importance as well?
  6. Why companies always ask for experience candidates even at entry level and what do you think that how a fresher can get experience without having a job?
  7. What are the latest trends or strategies for recruitment procedure? What resource one needs to generate jobs and opportunities in a company?
  8. What is the toughest part of HR job and why?
  9. Are you well aware about the responsibilities of this job profile?
  10. What is your salary expectation from this job profile?

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