HR Officer Interview Questions

HR officer interview questions are those questions that are asked to a person who is sitting in an interview for this job. The HR officer is responsible to make, analyze and overview the recruitment plan as per the requirements of the company. He has to oversee that the employees are getting compensations and benefits according to the company policies. He needs to coordinate with other government departments for visa, passport and work permit issues of employees. The interview questions cover all these areas.

Sample HR Officer Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us about your academic qualifications and work experience in HR field?
  2. What are the different work permit policies of major countries for different jobs and nationalities?
  3. What are the main taxation slots and rates for mid level and senior level employees in corporate sector?
  4. Do you know about our company’s compensation and benefits policies?
  5. What are those compulsory insurances and covers that all companies provide to their employees?
  6. Explain the features of employee annual report? Do you have experience in preparing such reports?
  7. What are the major issues that can cause employee dissatisfaction and conflicts? What is your experience to handle such issues?
  8. What could be a good strategy to maintain effective and warm communication between company and employees? How can you contribute in motivation and performance enhancement of employees?
  9. What are the laws and regulations regarding recruitment and employee medical cover claims?
  10. What is your salary expectation?
  11. Describe some key skills and strengths of yours, which will prove to be appropriate for the job?

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