HR Recruitment Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your background?
  2. From which university have you completed your bachelors?
  3. What have you learnt from your previous job and discuss about your most negative experiences in it?
  4. From which source did you hear about this vacant post? Which responsibilities have you survived in your last candidature?
  5. Explain performance management? Why it is important in some organization? Discuss the different methods of performance management?
  6. What is the difference between job profile and job description? Explain the role of HR department in the growth of a management?
  7. How will you handle a legal project assigned by the company?
  8. What do you understand by job analysis? Explain the difference between recruitment and selection?
  9. How do you differentiate between HRM and HRD? Describe the HR career drawbacks?
  10. What are your techniques to maintain a sound relationship between management and employee?
  11. Indicate you salary expectations? How much salary were you getting in your previous organization?

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