HR Specialist Interview Questions

HR specialist interview questions are asked to a prospective candidate, in an interview of this job post. The HR specialist is a junior to HR generalist. He is the first person whom the employee can contact for their queries and complaints. He has to maintain the records of hiring process, payrolls and also ensure that the recruitment process should be according to policies of the company. The interview questions cover a wide range of topics to judge the capability of candidate with regards to this job profile.

Sample HR Specialist Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us about your academics and work experience in HR sector?
  2. Being an initial stage of employee contact, what would be your strategy to resolve any complain or dissatisfaction at that stage?
  3. What should be the key factors while preparing a recruitment plan?
  4. What are the key regulations and rules regarding advertisement, hiring process and contract jobs?
  5. Are you well aware of documentation and reporting system of employee payroll records, compensations and other personal records?
  6. Describe the key features of employee orientation programme? Have you conducted or assisted such programmes during your past jobs?
  7. What could be possible grounds or prospective reasons for employee recommendations to the HR chief?
  8. How can a HR specialist work as a key communication link between various sections of HR department and with other department of company?
  9. How much salary do you expect from this job profile?
  10. Do you know about our company’s employee policy and plans?
  11. If selected, when can you join us, is there any notice period that you have to serve in your previous organization?

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