Human Resources Job Interview Questions

  1. Discuss about your experience associated with management and staff management policies?
  2. State the difference between HRD and HRM?
  3. Would you mind to sit for extra time during recruitment session?
  4. Why does HR play an important role between management and staff?
  5. How would you handle dispute occurred between senior authorities and employees?
  6. Share your recently learned good and bad experiences with your previous management?
  7. If you are assigned a project of illegal step by company then how would you deal with this?
  8. What do you do if you find that the management is at fault for some issues with employees and workers?
  9. Are you aware about the payment structure of low to high level management?
  10. How will you track all the records and secure the secret policies?
  11. How would you evaluate the suitable candidate for specified designation?
  12. State terms, Performance of management and methods? What do you understand from job profile and job description?
  13. Why did you leave you previous organization? Was there any dispute with the management?

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