IBM Certification Interview Questions

IBM certification interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who is appearing for an interview in order to get certification from IBM.  The interview is taken usually by IT professionals in order to enhance the prospect of their career. The questions asked in the interview should analyze the technical knowledge of an individual and his understanding about computer software.

Sample IBM certification interview questions

  1. What is the time taken by a 1 TB drive that has been utilized up to 50% and running on XIV system?
  2. Suppose you are using a grin architecture in XIV system. How would you improve the system redundancy?
  3. Where can you mirror a partition in the XIV system in order to improve system redundancy using grid architecture?
  4. How would you define a volume on a thin provisioned pool while you are working on an XIV system?
  5. How many types of fragmentation can be allowed in a Create Table statement? What are the two types of fragmentation?
  6. If an isolation level of Read Stability is being used in a unit of work and an entire table is scanned twice in the unit of work, what will you get to see in the second scan of the table?
  7. What is the largest Network Server Storage Space that can be created on an i810 with V5R3?
  8. How would you define a system catalogue?
  9. Do you think that there is an advantage of using hash function in an expressed based distribution?
  10. How would you add subscription and create subscription sets?

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