Informatica Certification Interview Questions

Informatica certification interview questions are especially programmed by the experts to interview the candidates, who are willing to obtain an infromatica certification to work professionally. By reviewing the professional skills and knowledge of handling diverse informatcia procedures of all eligible candidates, the deserving candidates are being awarded with this professional certification.

Sample Informatica Certification Interview Questions:

  • Would you like to mention something about your accomplishments during Infromatica certification?
  • Why do you want to secure this certification?
  • How do you rate your knowledge and skills on Informatica as a candidate?
  • What are the primary job functions of an infromatica certified expert?
  • Have you ever found it difficult in performing in a team?
  • Informatica is used as an integration tool. Explain how?
  • What are the different advantages of using Informatica applications in a business firm?
  • Explain the procedures of extraction, loading and transformation process?
  • Can you load and transform data from two distinct sources of information?
  • How does an Infromatica program interface with flat files, SAP, RDBMS, XML and mainframe?
  • What do you understand by mapping? Can you draw this procedure for presenting an Informatica plan?
  • How do you drag and stop objects by using Infromatica command?
  • Do you think you can handle multiple projects of data integration at a time?
  • How good are you in delivering project reports within a committed deadline? What is your stress management strategy especially when you are working under tight deadlines?
  • What are the major project papers prepared by you for monthly submission? Discuss the format of a paper.

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