Insurance Agent Interview Questions

Insurance agent interview questions are those that are be asked to a person who is sitting in an interview for this post. The insurance agents are the person who sale various insurance policies such as, health, life, education, pension, business and property loss by natural or any accidental causes. The agents not only sale the covers and claims but also prepare records and reports of clients. They also provide assistance while filing application for insurance claim. Their work profile covers a large area of expertise.

  1. First, tell us about your work experience as an insurance agent?
  2. Can you explain the various kind of life and Medicare claims?
  3. Explain the terms and conditions of pension and health insurance claims? What type of covers in this sector, people usually like to prefer?
  4. Explain the categories in business and corporate insurance? What makes them different from other claims?
  5. What are the major state regulations and legislations regarding insurance covers?
  6. What are the basic paper work/formalities you need to fulfill for every new client?
  7. This job has an aspect of telemarketing, are you comfortable with that? What strategies do you follow to convince a client on phone?
  8. What are those challenges or problems that you usually face while making/finding new clients? Explain the effect of competitive market as well?
  9. How you will handle an irate client, who has some issues with our services or products?
  10. How we can make our products more customer friendly, any suggestions?
  11. Would you like to work on fixed salary or on commission basis?

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