Insurance Broker Interview Questions

Insurance broker interview questions are for those people who are sitting in an interview for this post. The insurance brokers provide expert advice to the clients for choosing a suitable insurance cover or claim policy. They represent many companies at a time and provide the insurance options to the client as per their requirements and needs. They can be specialized in one branch of insurance or work for various insurance claims, as per their own choice.

  • Tell us about your experience in insurance broking, since how long you are working as an insurance broker?
  • Which branch or branches of insurance do you handle most?
  • What are main state regulations and laws regarding your branch of insurance? Moreover, is there any recent change or development that took place regarding them?
  • What kind of personal insurance cover would you suggest for a middle-aged man with a fixed earning? Which policy would be most suitable to him?
  • Describe the types of personal insurance covers and claims?
  • Describe some popular business insurance claims?
  • While suggesting a particular cover for a corporate, what key factors do you often consider?
  • What legal matters or issues usually arise in a dispute like condition? How do you handle such things?
  • Have you recently joined any orientation classes to keep yourself updated with latest trends of insurance sector? If yes, than what knowledge/information did you acquire from those classes?
  • What is your way to evaluate the needs of client for a suitable insurance claim for them?

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