Insurance Claims Adjuster Interview Questions

Insurance claims adjuster interview questions are asked during an interview for the post of an insurance claims adjuster. An insurance claims adjuster has to review claims and negotiate settlements, have to visit the site, talk to witnesses and so on. Some insurance claims adjuster work as specialists and handle only a particular type of insurance, while others may handle more than one aspect. The interviewer must keep it this mind and ask questions accordingly.

Sample Insurance Claims Adjuster Interview Questions

  • Why do want to work as an insurance claims adjuster?
  • Can you tell us about the primary duties of an insurance claims adjuster?
  • What are the different types of insurance?
  • What are the skills needed in this field to make a fair judgment of a claims application?
  • When you are asked to visit a site of, for e.g., an accident, what is your approach to the case with reference to your job as an insurance claims adjuster?
  • What are the basic points one must remember when investigating a case as a claims adjuster?
  • Can you mention any insurance claims incident from your previous job which you found challenging and how you handled the situation?
  • How good are your analytical and mathematical skills?
  • You would need to communicate with witnesses, customers and anyone related to a claims case. How comfortable are your people skills?
  • Tell us in brief something about the basic legal codes and administrative procedures which one comes across while working in this field.

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