Insurance Claims Analyst Interview Questions

Insurance claims analyst interview questions are asked when a candidate is interviewed for the post of an insurance claims analyst. Every insurance firm has an insurance claims analyst who has to analyse and study all insurance claims before any payment is made. His job is to review, verify and determine which claims are eligible for disbursement and for this a candidate is needed who has an eye for details, is diligent at research and who is thorough in his work.

Sample Insurance Claims Analyst Interview Questions

  • What do you feel the biggest problem faced by an insurance claims analyst when reviewing any claim?
  • What is your method of analysis or your priorities when you get to review any insurance claim?
  • What is your course of action when you feel that the claim cannot be disbursed?
  • How good are your communication skills and your analytical ability?
  • We are looking for a candidate who is naturally curious, observant and a diligent researcher; do you think you fit these requirements? If yes, give us an example of where you used these qualities for the benefit of the company.
  • Do you think technology has a role to play in analysis of insurance claims?
  • How important is it to personally interact with witnesses or visiting a scene to determine whether to disburse the claims or not?
  • What would you do if the insurance firm you work for refuses to pay the policy holder his claim money, although you think it is a legitimate claim?

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