Insurance manager Interview Questions

Insurance manager interview question are asked to a person who is sitting in an interview for this post. The insurance manager has a number of responsibilities, he must be well aware of various types of compensations and covers, litigation management, risk forecasting, errors-omission and company liabilities towards clients. He has to approve and certify the applications for insurance and orderly review and changes in insurance policies. It is his responsibility to review the accurate and timely delivery of services to the client.

  1. Tell us about your academic qualification regarding this field and work experience as well?
  2. Define the key tasks of an insurance manager? What makes him a key person in an insurance company?
  3. What is your conflict resolve/settlement strategy?
  4. What kind of changes or improvement is regularly required for the updating of insurance policies? Moreover, how such improvements can adhere to state regulations?
  5. How you can analyze and predict the risk potential of a policy or insurance case? Moreover, what measures would you like to take to prevent/minimize the risk?
  6. What kind of insurance covers create scope for litigations and disputes? How you ensure the settlement?
  7. What is the annual renewal process for corporate insurance?  What are the key requirements of this process?
  8. Tell us about your experience in preparing insurance quotations for various claims and coverage? What safety measures here would you apply to ensure the best service to the client and profit to the company?
  9. Tell us about the administrative and communicative responsibilities of an insurance manager?

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