Insurance Underwriter Interview Questions

The insurance underwriter interview questions are for those people who are appearing in an interview for this post. The insurance underwriter’s job is to evaluate the applications of insurance. He has to make a thorough evaluation of potential risk associated with the individual or company who wants to get insured. For this purpose they study the past financial records of the applicant, his medical records, past damages and many other factors. The underwriters work in various major segments that are life and health, property and liabilities. The interview questions focus to judge the skills of candidate in this regard.

  1. Please tell us about your experience as an insurance underwriter?
  2. In which segment you have worked in your past jobs? Can you tell us the different insurance policies available in that particular segment?
  3. While assessing a business application of insurance, what factors do you count for the estimation of probable risk?
  4. What legal matters, regulations are related with your work?
  5. What computer programmes or tools do you use for the rating of application? Are they useful to make assessment of risk as well?
  6. What would be your probable action if you find an application with substandard risk?
  7. How you will minimize the effect of risk, any modulation or dividing it into various groups?
  8. What is reinsurance? Describe its various types and with which you have worked before?
  9. What do you like the best about this job?
  10. What is the most difficult thing about this job?
  11. Would you like to work on fixed salary basis or on commission basis?

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