Intel Interview Questions

  1. Give the brief history about Intel?
  2. How many processors are available in the market? What is the position of Intel Processors? Do you have any personal experience with Intel latest version?
  3. Have you ever encountered any issue associated with multiprocessors? How many of them, you have solved during your candidature?
  4. What is the difference between bit and byte? What is the count of bits in a byte?
  5. What is pipeline? What is a five stage pipeline and explain the steps used for it? Why clocks are used in pipeline system?
  6. What is bus system? Which is the latest bus system used in Intel processors? How many types of buses have been introduced to IT sector till now?
  7. What do you understand from MESI and give the definition of CMOS? What is the use of this?
  8. Explain: write back/ write through cache, VDHL and I/O system?
  9. How many input/ output systems you have designed? Tell about their configuration and speed?

10. Mention about the gates available in digital system?

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