Internal auditor Interview Questions

Internal auditor interview questions are framed as a set of questions used to interview an individual for the job position of an internal auditor. With the help of such an interview, the HR department appoints the deserving candidate by measuring the professional skills, education level and ability to deal with the auditing procedures.

Sample internal auditor Interview Questions:

  • Please explain the two strengths and weakness of your candidature? Why do you want to work with our company?
  • Give the definition of audit. Explain an internal audit? What are the major functions of an internal audit procedure?
  • What do you understand from tax auditing? How this is different from internal auditing?
  • Define the pool rate and payroll task? Discuss the various activities associated with a payroll task system?
  • What do you understand from quality records? Discuss the importance of such records.
  • State the difference between observations and non- conformances?
  • Can you explain the different sections of a final internal report? State each section according to its importance.
  • How do you calculate interest on the capital? Explain paid up share capital.
  • Explain any two differences between the internal audit and statutory audit system?
  • What are the vital attributes explained in the final internal audit report? Name any three attributes.
  • How do you define Sundry Creditors? Explain the role of annual board meetings after accomplishing the internal audit?
  • What do you understand from accumulated depreciation? How does this factor play a vital role in the internal audit?
  • Explain the single audit process. Explain the importance of corrective measures suggested after completing the internal audit?

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