Internal Job Interview Questions

  1. How long you been associated with this company?
  2. From which source you have heard about this vacant position as if it was not advertised?
  3. Tell us something about your experience you gained from your current job within this organization?
  4. How do you think you are eligible for this job? Can you assure us with your best performance?
  5. How will you command a team whereas you earlier worked individually?
  6. How will you cope up with disputes, if they occur among your squad? What is your degree to motivate and influence your subordinate to produce excellent out come?
  7. How will you prevent the secrets to be revealed about management and team efforts?
  8. Describe how will you overcome your weakness?
  9. What do you think about personal development and success?
  10. Are you aware about the responsibilities of team leader?
  11. What will be your mission and vision, being on such a responsible position?
  12. Are you aware about the risk of demotion, if you failed to meet the job responsibilities of this post?

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