Interview Questions Judge

  1. What are the qualifications you acquired in course of becoming a judge?
  2. Which cases are more difficult to handle as a judge – criminal or civil case?
  3. Can you tell us what is so interesting about it?
  4. Cite an instance where it was very difficult for you to give a judgment.
  5. What are the general parameters you consider before giving any judgment?
  6. Give us an example where you’re concise and your knowledge on law had a tussle when you gave a verdict as a judge.
  7. How do you differentiate between an Intellectual Property Rights suit and a Criminal suit?
  8. Have you ever encountered a scene where the criminal abused you with dire consequences the moment you read out your verdict?
  9. What are those 5 suggestions that you would love to give to a new comer?
  10. Which case stretched the longest in your tenure as a judge for the case?

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