Interview Sql server interview questions

  1. What do you understand from SQL Server? What is the use of this server in technology?
  2. How do you explain stored procedure? Give an example of stored procedure?
  3. Which TCP/ IP protocol is suitable to run a SQL server?
  4. Is it possible to change the default post? If yes, explain how?
  5. What is normalization and state trigger? How triggers can be used to implement business rules?
  6. Explain view and how would it be used to view a specific column and row in database? How view is helpful for users?
  7. Describe the types of indexes available in SQL server? Explain each with suitable examples?
  8. What is the use of cursor? How cursor helps to make an operation easy?
  9. Explain the use of UPDATE_STATISTICS command? When this command is suitable to use, explain conditions?
  10. Why DBCC commands are used? Give options to use this command?
  11. Can TRUNCATE command be used on a table reference by FORWIGEN KEY?
  12. Which command can you use to rename the db? State the difference between HAVING CLAUSE and WHERE CLAUSE?

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