Interviewer Job Interview Questions

1.     Mr. XYZ, let us know something about you.

2.     Give me a SWAT analysis of yourself.

3.     Why do you think you are good for this job?

4.     Why are you leaving the last job?

5.     You have just completed your engineering. How do you feel being interviewed for your first job?

6.     Aren’t you over qualified for this position?

7.     What experience do you have in relation to the new job?

8.     Professionally, what do you think you can achieve in the next few years?

9.    According to you, what are the attributes of a good employer?

10.    Which of your past jobs did you like the most?

11.    What options are open to you, if we do not take you today?

12.    Why have you been out of work so long?

13.    It is long since you left college. How do you keep in touch with the developments in your subject?

14.    What do you feel when your superior criticizes your work?

15.    If you have to report to a younger executive, do you have any reservations?

16.    If you had to lie for the company, would you do it?

17.    Do you feel you could have done better at your last job?

18.    If one of your subordinates tries to befriend you, how do you respond?

19.    How do you feel if you have to fire somebody from his job?

20.    If your boss asks your advice on his idea which is not sound, how do you respond?

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