Investment banker Interview Questions

Investment banker interview questions are asked to the candidates, who are willing to work as an investment banker. By evaluating the professional skills, education level and work experience, an interview panel can appoint the deserving candidate for this job position.

Sample investment banker Interview Questions:

  • As an investment banker, tell us something about your job experience.
  • Why did you resign from your previous bank? Give a logical reason.
  • Explain any three major job duties of an investment banker. Kindly state your objective of pursing this job.
  • How do you rate your banking & accounting skills? Tell us something extra- ordinary about your financial and analytical skills?
  • Explain the term: investment, risk payment & maturity duration. Kindly mention any three functions of an investment banking department.
  • Describe any three banking principles and conducts each bank employee must take care off.
  • What do you understand from secure banking? Describe the routine work flow for the same.
  • Mention any three advantages of secure banking.
  • What do you understand from stock? What is the current position of the stock market nowadays?
  • Define convexity and duration. Mention any three utilization and properties of each factor.
  • What does the term “Value” mean in a banking system? How do you calculate the value of some property?
  • What is the major difference between prepayment risk and default payment? Which payment type do you prefer generally?
  • Tell us the most challenging situation you faced during the stock market falls?
  • In general, share about your banking strategies. What is your way of working and which method do you generally prefer to bring business?

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