Investment Fund Manager Interview Questions

An investment fund manager interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who is sitting for an interview for the position of an investment fund manager. The questions should help to analyze the person’s needed skill sets and also check his knowledge in the field of investment.

  1. What would you like to say about yourself?
  2. How many years of total work experience do you have in this position?
  3. What do you know about investment banking?
  4. According to you how has the depression in the economy affected the investment market?
  5. How would try to allocate funds of the customer so that they don’t have to face loss even if the market is down?
  6. What do you know about fund managers and according to you are what the job responsibilities in that position are?
  7. What are the basic steps for investing in a mutual fund?
  8. How would you determine the current state of the market?
  9. What do you think about the economy at this stage?
  10. How would you analyze whether economy will go up or through a phase of depression?
  11. What do you know about the stock exchange?
  12. How would you determine the security price?
  13. How would you read the revenue model of the company?
  14. What do you understand by Hedge Funds?
  15. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?
  16. If selected how soon you can join us? Is there any notice period which you have to serve in your previous organization while leaving a job?

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