ISTQB Certification Interview Questions

ISTQB certification interview questions are asked to the interested candidates, who seek to obtain the certification of ISTQB to practice as a professional. After reviewing the knowledge of handling various ISTQB operations and programming skills of all eligible applicants, this professional certification is awarded to the deserving applicants.

Sample ISTQB Certification Interview Questions:

  • Would you like to tell us about your accomplishments during your ISTQB programming sessions?
  • Why do you want to become an ISTQB specialist?
  • After acquiring this ISTQB certification, what would you like to do- a job or practicing as an individual professional?
  • Tell us something about your testing skills and analytical abilities?
  • What are the primary job functions of an ISTQB professional?
  • Are you comfortable in testing the business application functions and software?
  • What do you understand from a risk based test status reporting?
  • Explain the sequential steps to conduct a testing program on business software.
  • What are the ethical standards and policies, an ISTQB certified professional should comply with during the testing process?
  • Have you ever met with a situation during your certification session, where you tested software ended with a number of running mistakes?
  • How do you describe the inputs and outputs of a particular business application after testing?
  • What type of key testing technique do you prefer all times for evaluating professional business software?
  • Discuss the format of a weekly assignments prepared by you for timely submission? How do you upload and update the ISTQB programming modules with the testing information?
  • Do you think you are the best candidate than others in ISTQB certification batch?

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